Choosing The Best Inflatable SUP Board


Let’s be honest. It’s not easy to choose the best stand up paddle board. The fact that there are many SUP models to select from, does not make your task any easier. To make the things worse, many of them look identical.


There are a number of important factors and technicalities to take into account. You need to keep in mind how you will use the board, workout goals, water conditions, etc. In addition, your height, weight and your skill level are crucial when choosing the right inflatable paddle board.


Best Inflatable SUP


Here is what you need to consider.


1. The dimensions – the length, the width and the thickness of the board. The longer the board, the more stability you will have. Particularly when paddling a straight direction. However, longer boards make turning and maneuvering a difficult job. Smaller paddle boards have a smaller footprint and a lower volume. Generally speaking, experienced paddlers prefer small boards while beginners love longer boards.


2. For wave surfing, get a shorter paddle board with a lesser displacement, length and width.


3. A flat-water board is great for people who just want to use a paddle board on calm lakes and rivers or intend to paddle flat ocean. You can also use one of these (perfect model is NeedleNose) for recreational uses such as fishing or exercising. These bigger boards provide a perfect and stable ride on flat water conditions. They are good for people of all ages and skill-levels.


If you are just starting out on this great sport and need a stable SUP here is the best inflatable stand up paddle board. It’s made by Sea Eagle and has some amazing features:


Sea Eagle 380x and Sea Eagle 9


This model is my favorite because the Sea Eagle 380X is the absolute best in an exploration kayak. It is a great deal; it is one of the most affordable inflatable kayaks on the market. It is a really popular product because it is extremely versatile and fantastic for all sorts of paddling adventures.



The Sea Eagle 380X weighs just 47 lbs and can be paddled tandem or solo. As a matter of fact, any person of any age as well as of any skill level can use it. You can also convert it into a solo kayak. Speed is not what you will get with it, but it is very comfortable and stable. Although it is not a fast boat because of its width, the huge advantage is that it can hold a lot of gear.


The 380x is extremely rugged and getting a leak should not worry you. This inflatable kayak is made of tough 1,000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams. This boat is super tough and you can even hit it with the claw of a hammer without any problems!



It can be paddled in any type of water, such as flatwater, whitewater rapids, calm lakes and ocean swells. It can hold 750 pounds so it is large enough to comfortably fit two people and a dog. As with other models, the 380x is backed by a 3 year warranty.


The Sea Eagle 9 is a motormount boat that gives you everything you need for fishing or running moderate whitewater. It only weighs 17 kg for the boat and 25 kg for boat, floorboard and motor mount. SE 9 could be loaded with 544 kg or 4-5 adults. Best of all, you can literally motor all day on less than a gallon of gas!



This SE-9 is very well built, high quality and extremely stable. It is very roomy and really comfortable, and you always stay completely dry in it. Once packed, you can carry it in a car trunk or store it in a closet. The Sea Eagle 9 is an inexpensive boat that will last you for many years!



Sea Eagle 370 and 330 Inflatable Kayaks


Sea Eagle sells quite a few unique types of inflatable kayaks and boats. They are famous for top quality, cost and excellent service. Their sport inflatable kayak is available in two sizes: the 330 and the 370.


The Sea Eagle 330 is the smaller sized version that is intended for two individuals. It’s main features are:



– really stable and ideal for newbie kayakers
– multipurpose enough in order to be paddled in mild river or flatwater
– transportable and uncomplicated to carry
– has a load capacity of 500 pounds
– small and lightweight more than enough so that you can take it on a plane
– comfy, particularly with the deluxe seats
– 2 skegs that assist with tracking
– very reasonably priced


Watch this video and find out how you can save lots of money on the 330:



The Sea Eagle 370 type which is somewhat longer and much better designed for two average sized individuals.


The 370 provides you with some additional space for carrying meals, additional clothes and basic kayaking equipment.



– an extremely durable material that can endure as much as class 3 white-waters
– weights just 32 pounds
– can deal with approximately 650 pounds of weight
– length is perfect for tracking and width is great for balance
– very easy to paddle, no matter if you’re a newbie


This video helps you save money on the 370:



2 Fascinating Inflatable Fishing Boats


If you are planning to buy an inflatable fishing boat, you need to check out these two fascinating boats.

You see, choosing the right inflatable fishing boat can be a real challenge, especially if you haven’t experienced buying a boat before.


But with these two vessels you can’t go wrong. Besides fishing, they serve many other useful purposes, such as camping, yacht tending, river-running or pleasure cruising.


The first inflatable boat to consider is Sea Eagle 9 Fisherman’s Dream Kit. It is available in 3 discount packages: startup, fisherman’s dream and motor package. (Click here to see details about them.)


Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable Fishing Boat

Best Inflatable Fishing Boat


This inflatable is tough and roomy and beats all other inflatables I’ve tried. It’s certified by the NMMA. Its capacity is five adults or 544 kg.


This rugged boat is featuring super thick 38 mil Polykrylar hull material, wooden floorboards, two seats, motormount, oars, foot pump and repair kit.


It’s an amazingly stable, comfortable boat and is worth every penny! Very high quality material. I recommend this product 100%. If you don’t want to spend $1,000+ for an inflatable boat this is the best deal! You will not be disappointed!


Depending on the package you choose, you can save $274, $255 or $170. This is limited time offer, so act fact.


Click here to buy Sea Eagle 9 now.


How to assemble and use:



Another extraordinary inflatable fishing boat is Sea Eagle Fold Cat Pro Angler. What is really special about this pontoon boat is the ease with which it can be transported – in the trunk area of a passenger car or in the storage area of an RV.


Two models available: 1-2 adults and 3-4 persons. It is available in four discount packages: deluxe, pro angler guide, motor and ultimate package. (Click here to see details about them.)


The unique folding frame makes it super easy and fast to assemble – in only five minutes! It’s also certified by the NMMA.


These pontoon boats are constructed incredibly well. The 1000 denier fabric has a rigid fabric weave in the center for great strength, and is coated with multiple layers of pvc fabric to make it totally airtight.


This one boat will take you to inaccessible fishing spots and allow you to cast from a standing position.


This one boat will take you to inaccessible fishing spots and allow you to cast from a standing position.

inflatable pontoon fishing boat

inflatable pontoon boat

fishing pontoon boats


Depending on the model and package you select, you can save $406, $404, $327, $252, $240, $233, $188, $167 or $151. This is for limited time only, so do not delay.


Click here to buy Sea Eagle Fold Cat Pro Angler.



Both of these inflatable fishing boats have a 180-day guarantee that provides a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with the product. Additionally there is a full 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects.


Two Incredible Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boats


Fishing with inflatable pontoon boats is one of the most satisfying and fun pastimes you can get.


To make this time even more enjoyable, you will need a really good inflatable pontoon fishing boat. We suggest you take into account these two amazing boats – Frameless Pontoon Boat and FoldCat.


They are very stable, relatively light and can be used in shallow waters where many fish love to congregate. They are NMMA certified.


The problem with most pontoon boats is that they are made with a tubular frame system. Because of this, a very long time is required to assemble them.

This is not the case with these two boats.


The first one has no frame; it’s portable – weighs just 42 lbs. and can be easily packed in a small bag; there are no parts to assemble and it will take you just four minutes to set it up!


The material it is made of is extremely strong! Even a hit with a claw hammer cannot cause any damage. So don’t worry about bumping into the dock from time to time.


You can row this inflatable pontoon boat forward and backwards or you can use an electric motor or a gas engine for easy motoring. You can sit in swivel seat and turn 360 degrees or you can stand up on the wooden floorboard.


The Frameless Pontoon Boat is available in 4 discount packages. Depending on the package you choose, you can save $291, $261, $242 or $235. This is for limited time only, so do not delay. Click here to buy now.


pontoon fishing boat

inflatable pontoon fishing boat

mini pontoon fishing boats


The other inflatable pontoon fishing boat – the FoldCat – is something that all fishermen dream about.

It’s unique, folding frame design is awarded by U.S. Patent. This exceptional design cannot be found on any other pontoon boat in the world. The boat is rated 9.7 out of 10 by the North American Fishing Club!


It is made from the same material as the Frameless Pontoon Boat. You can transport it in your car’s trunk and can be assembled in just 5 minutes!


Unlike other pontoon fishing boats, the FoldCat has a full floor – a “safety net”! It means more space to carry more fishing tackle and supplies. It comes with two swivel seats.


2 models are available. There are also some fantastic discounts. Depending on the model and package you want to buy, you can save $406, $404, $327, $252, $240, $233, $188, $167 or $151. This is for limited time only, so do not miss this great opportunity. Click here to buy.


375fc foldcat.jpg

foldcat 375fc

foldcat 440


So, if you are a fisherman who hates to be stopped by the elements, one of these two inflatable pontoon fishing boats is a must have.


If you love fly fishing, this is your choice. Using a massive motorboat or a noisy peddling apparatus is not going to provide you with the silent approach needed.


With these boats, you will briskly maneuver with little effort and negligible water resistance, without disturbing the water.


Both the Frameless Pontoon Boat and the FoldCat come with a full 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects. Risk-Free… for 180 days! You can try them for 180 days, RISK FREE. If you not like them, just return it for a full refund!

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